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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coming Up 4 April

Remember, Sam & Kylie Collins will be with us the first weekend of April. Sam will be preaching on Sunday 1st. Be there.

Simon & Michelle Potter will be visiting over Easter, be sure to catch up with them while there are here. They will be staying at the Summo's. Stay tuned for news of a Easter Friday service.

Remember prayer meetings on Tuesday @ 7am & home groups on Tuesdays & Thursdays @ the Crome's & the Summo's repectively.

Pray that Colin, Merry & the rest of the bus people have a great holiday.

We are having a progressive dinner on Saturday night 21st. Details to follow.

Anzac Day falls on wed 25th. Any ideas for something to do. Summo's might go to Abercrombie overnight Tues 24th if you want to join us.

& to finish off the month we have a real treat in Pastor Andy Godden from Oberon CLC sharing with us on Sunday 29th, don't miss it. Pastor Andy & his wife Carol are doing a great work in Oberon where Andy also works as a GP.

Let's all have a great month.

Set you hearts on 'Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness' & Remember

-- Practice Hospitality


CactusFreek said...

Sounds like a very full month! Looking forward to seeing Simon again. It's been ages!! Well, Michelle too. But we saw her at the last camp. We haven't seen Simon since they left have we?

That progressive dinner sounds intoresting :o)

CactusFreek said...

On Anzac day, we could have a big picnic lunch [maybe at the shady park by the pool]and each family could bring something Australian to share.
I don't know how many Australian savoury things there are to make, but a picnic made up of lamingtons, anzac bickies and pavalova sounds alright to me lol

Abundant Life Church said...

That Anzac day idea sounds great cactusfiend (sorry - freek). We just need to decide on a location. Gossling Creek? Abercrombie?

CactusFreek said...

Fiend? Fiend??? If i ever become a super vilian, I could consider Cactus Fiend i spose. It has a lively ring to it :oÞ
You are just busting to get to those caves aren't you! Where's Gossling Creek? Cook park in Orange is a bit far to go isn't it?