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Monday, July 16, 2007

'Abundance' - Youth Service

More about the Youth Service. Yep, that's right - the youth organised the service and ran the whole thing. The only thing they needed was the authority to do it. That's the same for everyone in Abundant Life Church. The leadership of ALC are about authorising God centered service, no matter how old, young, experienced or inexperienced you are or are not. The thing that matters is that your activity is God centered and serves the vision of the church. Don't be suprised by the success of the Youth Service. 1 John 2:14-16 talks about how the veterans (that's us oldies) know Jesus, the One who started it all (The Message). But the NewComers - the next generation - will win a victory over the evil one. I'm certain that the 'newcomers' won a victory over the evil one that day, and will continue to do so as we 'the veterans' love the One who started it all, and give authority for the 'newcomers' to act in the power the God has given them.

Keep worshipping and loving the One who started it all - Jesus

God Bless, Ps Col Crome

1 comment:

Graeme said...

Excellent post Colin.
I agree wholeheartedly that the youth are the future. Empowering & authorising the 'next generation' is definately the way to go.