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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trivial Pursuits

Friday night, the 24th, there was a sports trivia night at the local bowling club. We weren't sure if it was a sports orientated trivia night, or just a trivia night run by a sports organisation.
Someone [Who was that!] put out a challange between the gals and guys of the church.
So we booked a table each, and us girls were REALLY hoping the questions weren't too sports orientated!
....We were out of luck!
We did ok on the non-sports questions. But every second trivia sheet was all sports.
So this is pretty much what we looked like during those questions.
You can do it Ruthie, we need you!
Then there was the guys table. Why do they look like they are sleeping, or close to it?
Coz they won! In fact they were about 15 correct questions in front of everyone else! See that guy in the red shirt? His name is Sam, and he's a sports wizz! Remember his face, because the next time you go to a trivia night, you need this guy!

Well done guys. You done awesomely! :o)

1 comment:

muppet said...

rite ok the face is stored and registered. the sports guru of blayney! im goin 2 have 2 learn fast. im a bit of a sports geek wiv our stuff so remebering it and including your too is going to be tough!