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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mini Olympics

Last night [Sept 3rd] the church held a Fathers day Mini Olympics. Dads competing against dads. And kids competing against kids. Everyone had to come looking as sporty as possible, and there was a prize for the best dressed.
The events were; Paper plate discus, Straw javelin, Cotton ball shot put, Marble hand grab, and a sponge game where you had to ring out a sponge to get the most water out of it. I don't know what it was called, and i didn't think to ring someone before posting this, and I'm too lazy to go do it now :o)

Here's the dads and kids doing some warm up exercises. [How did Darth Vader get an invite to a church sports event? Oh well, welcome to church Darth!]

Here's the Paper plate discus event.

Here's the marble grab.

Here's the cotton ball shot put.

After the events, Dawn spoke about what the bible says about parent/children relationships, and everyone hugged their dads.
After a light supper [More like a sugar fix] there was the medal ceremony. Nearly everyone won a medal, and those that didn't got chocolate!

The best dressed prize of a family block of chocolate went to Mark and Morgan, who were dressed as Ninja Turtles. Great costumes guys!

Everyone had a lot of fun. Thanks to the people who organised it! :o)

1 comment:

coffee&donuts said...

haha. that was an amazing night. too bad you didnt have many pictures of our international guest...