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Friday, June 29, 2007


'Abundance' This is the name of the worship team at Abundant Life Church. I'm the Worship/Associate Pastor of Abundant Life Church, and among other things, I head up the worship and creative arts dept. of the church. I'm very excited about what God has achieved in the 'three plus' years the team has been operating. I was only reflecting just the other day about the numerical growth of the team. Twelve months ago we had 9 members. We now have 21 (wow). I'm encouraged about this, but more than that, I'm astounded at the spiritual growth of the team. We are seeing ever increasing passion, dedication and desire to see God honoured through praise and worship. I am seeing certain members of the team 'stepping up' and operating in newly discovered gifts of prayer, healing and worship. One focus we have is 'home grown' new songs. This area in particular has seen some really significant contributions. 'Because of You' - a powerful slow rock song written in minor chords (Summerson/Crome), 'Heal our Land' - an upbeat 'spoken/sung' style song about seeking revival (Tachell/Crome), 'More Beautiful' - an alternate modern teen culture worship song (J.Summerson/L.Crome) 'All I Can say' - an incredibly powerful 'deep heart' worship song (Laura Crome) just to mention some of the offerings. I am just so immensly aware of God's blessings as He calls His people to worship in 'Absolute Spirit and Profound Truth'. If you are interested in these songs, drop me a line, and we will see what we can do to share them with you. Thanks Pastor G. for inviting me to be an author on this blog, I can see I'm going to have some great fun here.

God Bless you worshipping people.

Col Crome
Ass.Pastor/Abundant Life Church


CactusFreek said...

Abundance. Did you think of that yourself? Or is the name a reflection of the church? Or both?
Maybe when we get enough songs together, we can go to Hillsong, and record it. :o)

Col said...

Abundance was a name that was agreed upon about 2.5 years ago. It initially reflected the 'life more abundant' scripture (John 10:10). Of course, the name of the Church also reflects that. Recording....yes, some time down the track. When you record you want it to be so good that people will buy it. There are so many second rate recordings out there now, what with the ease of recording at an affordable rate. We don't want to present ourselves as second rate. So, let's keep working hard and you never know.