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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Christmas In July

Tomorow night [Friday 13] we will be having a dinner & movie night. It is at the Blayney Presbyterian Church hall on Adelaide St. We are having it there, because it is warmer.
Please bring a plate to go towards our shared dinner that will start at 6pm. Then the movie will start at 7pm.
We are watching The Nativity Story. A beautiful story that "Humanises" Mary, Joseph & the people around them, And the journey they took together as a couple. Even though we know how this story ends, It's nice to be reminded that people in the bible were just that - People. People just like us with every day lives.

So come along and have some great fellowship!
There will be a donation entry, With all money going to the Watoto Children's Ministry in Uganda.
And children need to be supervised so everyone can enjoy the movie.

See you there!!

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