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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Creating Worship

Anyone who was in church this weekend gone, would have noticed Sarah Jayne painting on the stage, while worship was happening.
For anyone who wasn't there,[Why not? lol] This is what it looked like...

This is how Sarah Jayne explained the painting,
"This painting represents an individuals life. The black charcoal line is the journey they take, the colours represent the people they see/interact with along the way.Some we see more often, others are just happenstance, and we see them only once. We leave an imprint on all of them though, ie: a nice colour, or a not so nice colour. I see this picture as representing an individuals love and compassion towards others. Love and compassion rubs off onto the people we meet as we meander through life. We can make a difference in a positive way, or a negative way."

Sarah Jayne will be doing a new painting each Sunday morning during the service, for a few weeks to come.
It'll be interesting to see what the next one will be :o)

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