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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lots Of Bits!

This week we had a new worship leader, A new music instrument, and a new painting. Intrigued? read on....

*Sarah Jayne created a nice new painting on Sunday...

This is how she explained it, " On the way to church today, My son, Morgan [8yrs] asked me to paint his new Lego truck, that he and his daddy had made the night before.
It made me think about the gifts God has given us, his children.
This painting is a gift for Morgan. It represents the gifts God has given us. All the small blessings he gives every day.
My son is precious to me. I want to give him good things. I made him this painting of his Lego truck. It was an easy gift to give. God is the same to us, His children.
He wants to give us good gifts too."

*Very nice :o)

*We had a new worship leader this week - Don! That's him with the nice big pink arrow over his head...
He did really well, He was fun and animated. Generally, really fun to sing with!

We also had the pleasure of listening to Colin [B] playing the saxamaphone for the first time. Where were you hiding that talent Colin??

So there you go. That was our Sunday.

Don't forget to register for the "Shine" women's conference this coming Saturday [Register at the His Place bookshop]. It's something special that you REALLY don't want to miss out on, Ladies!!!


Ps. Colin Crome said...

Mmmmm, yes I would have to agree. Don is a gifted worship leader and I am certain that we will see a whole new level of worship as Don settles into his role. The saxaphone brought an amazing sound to worship which I believe resounded in the heavenly's. God is so amazing as He gifts His people and empowers them for service. Keep up the good work CactusFreek.


SJ Holden said...

I loved how Colin (sax player), was down off stage left. It made worship seem more accessable, somehow. I think this is how Jesus would have worshipped, in amongst the people, encouraging everyone to join in.

CactusFreek said...

I agree SJ Holden :o)