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Saturday, October 27, 2007

-:¦:- Shine -:¦:-

Today we had our Women's "Shine" conference, And we sure had a wonderful time!
It started with some of our worship team singing a song they'd adapted from the movie/play "Hairspray" called Good morning Blayney. They done an excellent job too!
Christy then sang a song that she'd written for the conference. She's defiantly got talent there, that girl!

Jenny lead us through each stage of the conference.

Our first guest speaker was long time Friend of Merrilyns, Beth Volkofsky. [She also spoke later in the day] and she had a marvelous message for us.

Then we had morning tea, some foot/hand massages and some time to mingle.
After that we had another guest speaker, Carol Godden. She bought us a lovely, animated message as well!
Then we had a great fashion parade. Our models wore Ideals clothing, sporting the new season collection And everyone really got into it!
:Undiscovered Supermodels:
There were two other lovely models, but the photos didn't turn out :o(
After all that fun, we had lunch.
[Sorry Heather. I tried to warn you lol]
And more foot/hand massaging

Then we were given a very moving talk on the Compassion children's ministry. Such a worthwhile cause!
After that we had afternoon tea, before having another talk from Beth Volkofsky, on self worth.
When the conference was over, 3 big bags of balloons were released from the ceiling, and the worship team sung Good Morning Blayney again...in the afternoon. [Good arvo Blayney?]
It was an awesome day, and I'm sure everyone was glad they came.
Thank you to all the wonderful people who made the day possible!
I can't wait for next years conference all ready :o)
But one last thing.
I said i was going to do this, so i have to stay true to my word.
Sorry Catherine [not really lol]


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