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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

God's Love, 2econdChances and other stuff

I never cease to be amazed at the depth of God's love shown to us through His Son, Jesus Christ and by the companionship we enjoy as we walk with our Lord. It only takes a few moments of soul searching for any christian to realise that we are never deserving of His grace. All humanity can take comfort from the fact the God's love to us is a free gift and all that is needed is for us to step into it by receiving Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. God is truly the God of the 2econdChance.

As we experience His unconditional love, we are urged to 'pass it on'. It's easy to love the loveable (or at least those who seem loveable to us), however God wants us to love our enemies and everyone in between. If you are having difficulty loving these people, ask God to implant that love in to you.

So, 2econdChance, this is name of the youth band at Abundant Life Church and we chose the name as it signifies all that God has done for us. On November 24, 2007, ALC is hosting 2econdChance07 - our first major youth event. This will be an amazing day of incredible blessing for every young person who attends. Much is planned and the youth of this region will not want to miss out.

The registration cost is $22 on the day, or $20 prior to the event. For more info email colin@abundantlife.net.au

God Bless, Col

1 comment:

CactusFreek said...

2econd chance. That's quite clever, as at first glance, it's even read correctly :o)