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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Greetings from the Pastor

Hey guys,

Just though I would post this to thank you all for the way that you lift the name of Jesus high. It is so good to see ours, yours & His church in action each week.

People still are coming out to home groups despite the cold & wintry conditions. We had 12 people at our house on Thursday night. It looks like I'll have to go on ebay to look for more chairs. Our study on "Flowing in the Holy Spirit" is very interesting & challenging while at the same time comforting. It is always good to re-learn that God is the one in control not us. It can really take the pressure off. From what I hear the group meeting at Colin's is also going great. This is the first time we have set it so that we are studying different stuff. Find out what's going on in either group & get along.

I really want to encourage you, if your not going to a home group, give it some thought. There is something special about regularly being in a small group. If you find it difficult to get out but would like to maybe host a home group, come & talk to me & we will see what we can do.

Youth at the Shed is a real joy to me. While I don't get there often enough I certainly am aware of how much the kids are enjoying what Matt & Rach are doing with them at The Shed. The tales from the 'Point & Shoot' night (glad they changed the name from 'Drive by Shooting') went off so well. I even understand that Gabby got the chance to meet Sargent Barry Walker on the drive around Blayney. She got a little nervous I believe when he wanted a chat.

Remember night church starts this Sunday. I am looking forward to what God is going to do in these night services. I am preaching both morning & night & will be doing at least a 2 part sermon. Looking at my notes I could well be split over 3 or 4 services.

Thanks again guys for being apart of what God is doing here in Blayney. Remember that His vision for us is way bigger that you can imagine. We just need to be open & obedient to His prompting. I have no doubt that we will, together, impact this region for Him.

Be assured Jenny & I are praying for Gods best in your lives.


Pastor G

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